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Returns 7/2/2013
valentinokay asked : do you know who Lauren's long black cut out dress was by on the season opener ? Can't find it anywhere 😩

I’ll look around and post it when/if I find it. Looking around now.

msbreezybrown asked : What's the point in tagging a pic that's not yours though? Just asking.

Because the original poster had deleted his post. I took a screenshot before it was deleted.

I can tell it was “my” photo by the way it was cropped.

vanneecejackson asked : When are you going to post some more photos of lauren london? Do you need an 2nd admin to help you with your blog?

I only really post pics of her when there’s new ones. I’m going to try to do better. If I get ready for a second admin, I’ll post about it and keep you in mind. :-)

My favorite photos from today. Of course babe is J’d up.
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Lauren with Terrence J last night at 1Oak.
Lauren out with Terrence J, his brother Fred and Mike Kyser at KWL’s event for Swizz Beats at 1Oak
Lauren with Hosea at BET Upfront.
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